Aerial Boundaries Re-Master

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Aerial Boundaries Re-Master

Postby SouthOzHedgesFan » Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:05 pm


Not that a Grammy Award nominated album (For Mastering) needed re-mastering, but "Audio Fidelity" have released an SACD of Aerial Boundaries. ... boundaries ... se/7374279

Kevin Gray at Cohearant, allegedly assembled a collection of digital and analog sources left from Aerial Boundaries recording sessions and came up with a re-master.
I'm not a huge vinyl devotee, but I've been listening to that record on Promo Vinyl since it's release, and always thought the CD version lacked some soul and never did the vinyl justice, IMHO.

For the technical minded, the SACD ISO file, runs at 24 bit, 176k, streaming DSD (Direct Stream Digital) @ ~5400 kb/s bit-perfect to my (from there on) analog Audio gear.
Either through an Objective2 Headphone amp and Sennheiser HD250 Linear II headphones, or off to my NAD amp and JBL Studio Monitors, it sounds very well preserved.
The SACD has definitely bought the "wood", "air"and "heart" back from vinyl, and into the digital domain.
I was very dismissive of any re-master as Steven Miller's original was already a highly regarded industry stalwart, used for testing high end HiFi gear for 30 years.
That's where I got my Aerial Boundaries Promo Vinyl, from a HiFi store in 83/84 some time.
I was shocked to hear things I had never before heard in this recording of an album I thought I knew so well.

Not many can run the obsolete SACD file, or at full quality, but if you do come across an ISO of it, do give it a listen.

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