Point taken, gratitude given

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Point taken, gratitude given

Postby PostModernOne » Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:18 am

I was talking to very close friend yesterday who is also an amazing songwriter and guitarist (he also helped engineer and produce my last 5 CD's including a rock opera). We were talking about music then guitarists and then Hendrix. I brought up Michael Hedges. He thanked me for taking him to see Hedges years ago in Princeton as it was the only time he saw him and it really amazed him. We agreed that Michael Hedges had the whole package in terms of gifts: playing both technically and compositionally perfect, DAMN good song writer, innovative, great stage presence and a great voice. Both of us sat there wondering what the hell has happened to his legacy.

This website is amazing and I REALLLLLLLLLLLY appreciate it as a resource for both myself and my students. Suffice to say that one reason that Michael Hedges' legacy is blanking is because he was not part of any "scene" other than maybe Windham Hill lovers and (I say this respectfully, not sarcastically) Dead-heads, as I remember people who were within those circles about him. He was never part of a "scene" or agenda. Many artists when they see their career flag use some personal aspect to draw a new crowd. (I could say a few politically incorrect things about others, but I will not.) Michael Hedges never did that, staying true to his musical inspiration even when the record companies were screaming for stuff that would sell like Aerial Boundaries.. Many many guitarists with far far less talent that I loathe have more views on Youtube. There will never be another person like Michael hedges until the quality of the writing gets better. A thousand GIT graduates can play faster than Michael hedges could, but is that really the point of music?

After reading a the Kaki King thread, I realize that those of us that come here on a regular basis are both amazingly frustrated that the time has frozen in terms of the legacy of the artist who inspired us and deeply grateful that this site exists. I would hate to see this site be taken down. Just wanted to put that out there in case, Rootwitch, you thought we were taking all your hard work and dedication for granted.

That is all. Be good to one another.....
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Re: Point taken, gratitude given

Postby Badger » Thu Apr 14, 2011 7:53 am

I'm usually not much of a "ditto head" but in this case...I completely echo what postmodern said and felt the same when I read Jims thoughts on the Kaki thread.
I don't know that there is really a way to quantify what "Rootwitch" does for Michaels legacy. I couldn't possibly count how many times I have pointed other players toward this site nor do I know how many actually take the time to look. Nonetheless, I don't believe my own musicianship would have come as far as it has on several levels without this resource. I'm sure many others feel the same.
With that...
Postmodern one: Very articulate and well said. Thank you for taking the time to express what I did not.
Jim: "My Eternal Thanks."

Be well.
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Re: Point taken, gratitude given

Postby SouthOzHedgesFan » Sat Apr 23, 2011 9:36 pm

What else can I say but - Thanks Jim.
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Re: Point taken, gratitude given

Postby Rootwitch » Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:58 pm

Wow... Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

Yes, us long time fans are very frustrated and it rears its head in different ways. We're fast approaching the 20 year anniversary of Michael's death, and like any of you, I'm shocked and amazed at how little has been done to preserve his memory. Something as simple as "michaelhedges.com" leads to a "Page Not Found"... Ugh... Sorry - I shouldn't turn this into a rant. It's just sad. I still bring up Michael's name to new friends. I guess that's all we can do now.

No, Michael never seemed impressed by magazine covers, and Greatest Guitarist awards. He used to jokingly refer to his "product" in the lobby. He was a true artist, who simply wanted to do what he loved - Make great music. He understood he needed to push his "product" so he could afford to continue doing what he was doing, but he was never interested in the fame, and all its trappings. They really broke the mold after him...

Thanks again for the kind words guys. Who would have thought (although there are fewer of us) we're still here some 14 years later....

Peace -
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