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Tabs on site

Postby Mike Medley » Mon Dec 28, 2009 4:32 pm

Is there anywhere I could get the legend for the tabs that are posted on the site? A bit unfamiliar with the symbols...

Thanks!! :D
Mike Medley
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Re: Tabs on site

Postby tinsmith » Mon Dec 28, 2009 7:42 pm

Actually...I have the old legend & Jim I hope you don't mind, that I have it or am posting it.....

This may be from Java Man.....not sure.


T = With your thumb on your right hand, hit the top/side of the guitar. By top/side I mean, if you were or are a female, your chest would be laying on the top/side. Get it?

F = With the flat bony part of your right hand middle finger, hit the face of the guitar above the sound hole.

R(im) = With the index finger of your left hand, smack the rim of the guitar. I call the side of the guitar, right under the neck the "rim". So, right under where the neck meets the body.

A "Smack Harmonic" is produced by using your index or middle finger to smack the neck (strings) over a harmonic point. So, if the harmonic is at the 12th fret, the you smack the 12th fret. In some cases when Michael smacks the harmonic he is also still holding the last cord he was on. So, some notes will come out as harmonics and any other notes will ring the cord.

Notes in (0) - Lightly strum - Just graze the strings so you don't get the note so much as the pick sound.

Explosive Pull-off: This was originally represented using the symbol /// - But eventually was switched to a squiggly up arrow. In any event, this represents a cool effect of Michaels. When changing chords, Michael will "rake" his finger off of the barred chord, pulling off to the open strings, then hammer on to another cord. By "rake", I mean - It is kinda like strumming the open strings with your left index, but, your starting point is a fretted cord. Kinda like a pull off, and strumming (with your left finger) at the same time. It's a cool segway effect.

L.C. (as seen in Java Man) - stand for Left (hand) Chord. This is to represent the chord being held by the Left Hand, while the Right Hand is smacking a harmonic. i.e.: the Left hand is holding the chord 333333 while the right hand slaps the harmonic at 15 15 15 15

R.H. obviously stands for Right Hand. <<<<
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Re: Tabs on site

Postby Rootwitch » Tue Dec 29, 2009 3:01 pm

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