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Postby Rootwitch » Wed May 19, 2010 10:47 am

I was in Elderly Music (Lansing MI) years ago (probably 1997), and hanging on the wall was a 1943 D-28 - Beat up, and worn through - A Willie Nelson sized hole in the top next to the pickguard. I grabbed it, wondering how bad it would sound. I swear.... It sounded like Michael's guitar, with all the amplification, EQ, etc. straight out of the guitar. It was amazing. It was also 20K.... I've also played the HD-28. The one I played rang like a bell (true 1080i HD....). I've played many D-28's and was never impressed. I currently have a worn out D-35. Not the most amazing sounding guitar, but it was in my budget at the time. Yes, every guitar is different.
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