Welcome back!


I'm happy to announce that rootwitch.com ver 3.0 is underway. I know it's been a long time coming and here's why; I started a new job, right as my old company was beginning to fold. I no longer had web hosting, so I had to get an account with a provider. Once I did that, I figured, why put up the same old web site that I created 10 years ago? I figured I'd take advantage of some of the new web technologies out there, such as Flex, and rediesign the site from the ground up. But, quickly realized I was in over my head. Likewise, I started playing in a rock (cover) band in 2001, which in addition to my full time day job means my free time is extremely limited. I no longer have my weekends available to lock myself away in my room for 20 hours at a stretch to learn new software. Additionally, I've built a home recording studio, and have been spending what little free time I've got learning production and engineering techniques.


That being said, I came across some fantastic vintage photos of Michael when he was playing at the Varsity Theater in '82. I contacted the photographer, Sean Parks, and asked if I could use his photos as the foundation for the new site. He was kind enough to let me, and even sent me larger copies of them. You can check out Seans work via his Flickr web site, or at seanparksdesign.com. Thanks again Sean!


I hope you guys like the new content. I'm having to relearn everything, as it's been a while since I've built a web site, so check back for updates from time to time. I'll have a message board up shortly.